Attractive Community
Welcome to Lafayette - West Lafayette, Indiana - a city recognized nationally as a top place to live, work, and raise a family, We offer excellent educational facilities, from top-notch public and private schools to a world-class university.

There are sprawling parks, museums and theatres, exciting sports action, great health facilities, many leisure activities and a quality that is most important of all - community spirit!

The Lafayette - West Lafayette area enjoys a rich and diverse cultural atmosphere - from world famous performing artists to Indiana's passion - basketball.

Lafayette - West Lafayette is home to over 300 manufacturing firms, which include such fields as robotics, biotechnology, food processing, microelectronics, instrumentation and office/clerical industries.  All levels of skilled workers are available, largely due to the area's excellent educational and job-training institutions. Lafayette - West Lafayette is strategically located for business as well, with 80 percent of the top U.S. markets within a day's delivery time.

Lafayette - West Lafayette's residents enjoy an excellent standard of living. This, coupled with low food prices, property taxes, and insurance costs, creates an upwardly mobile population.

Lafayette - West Lafayette was named the top city in Indiana to reside in and was also named Community of the Year by the Indiana Chamber of Commerce in 2001. Money magazine ranked Lafayette - West Lafayette number two on its June 1998 listing of the top Midwest small cities in the United States in which to live. This poll, examined health care facilities, crime rates, the economy, housing, education, transit, weather, leisure and the arts, proves once again that Lafayette - West Lafayette is a great place to live. Lafayette - West Lafayette was also listed 21st out of 300 in the ranking of industry friendly communities in Industry Week's April 98' issue.

Source: Lafayette-West Lafayette Chamber of Commerce



Lafayette - West Lafayette's centralized Midwest location, existing infrastructure and educated, committed workforce make it an ideal for many industries. Only 24 hours by truck or rail for delivery to 80 of the top 100 continental U.S. markets.



Major Manufacturers

  • Wabash National
  • Subaru Indiana Automotive Inc.
  • Evonik
  • Fairfield Manufacturing
  • Caterpillar Inc.
  • A.E Staley
  • TRW Commercial Steering Division
  • Rea Magnet Wire
  • Essex Group
  • Chemtural
  • Lafayette Venetian Blind



With the opening of more retail businesses and restaurants this past decade, Lafayette - West Lafayette continues to strengthen its position as a major regional shopping and dining destination for the multi-county area.

The area's largest shopping venue is Tippecanoe Mall, at 840,000 SF and more than 100 stores, including Macy's, Kohls, Sears and J.C. Penney stores, and a strong representation among the major chain retailers. Near the mall are Tippecanoe Court, The Pavilions and Lafayette Market Place, with about 50 retailers. Market Square Shopping Center serves the north side of the community with 240,000SF of retail space.

In West Lafayette, commerce is also booming with a new Wal-Mart store and University Square, featuring numerous retail businesses and restaurants. There are a variety of College boutiques and unique restaurants near Purdue University campus in West Lafayette.

Wabash Landing is an exciting urban lifestyle center. Wabash Landing offers 250,000SF of national retail shops, restaurants, movie theatre and much more! Plus, over 200 apartments with a variety of floor plans will be an addition to Wabash Landing.


Downtown Lafayette
Downtown Lafayette continues to grow in its role as the county's center of finance, county government, legal insurance, professional service and economic development activities. Professional services, attorneys, banking and government make up about 75% of downtown's commerce. The remaining 25 percent are restaurants, antiques stores, boutiques and specialty stores.

In recent years, more building renovations along Main Street have produced new storefronts and upper-level apartments. A major renovation of the entire block housing the historic Lahr Hotel is now completed, offering commercial space and 70 apartments.



Purdue University
About 12,500 people work for Purdue University, the county's largest employer and seventh-largest employer in the state for its total Indiana employment. Some 37,000 students attend the West Lafayette campus, one of the largest U.S. universities.

Purdue's economic impact extends to service providers and retailers throughout the community. Statewide, the university estimates its economic impact at $2.2 billion, half for direct expenditures in salaries and expenses, and half in spending by businesses that supply Purdue.



Future Growth
Indications are that Lafayette - West Lafayette will continue its current trend of vitality in the economic sector. This is supported by a convenient Midwestern location, strong industrial base, a healthy local economy, and educated and committed workforce, and manageable growth levels.

New construction of medical facilities and homes and the steady growth of retail and service sectors continue to develop Lafayette's role as a regional center. Manufacturing expansion, commercial development and the availability of newly-rezoned industrial acreage also signal increased opportunities for growth in this area.